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DW Maple collector series drums. 

5x14 snare drum

Toms 8X10  9x 13 14x14 

Bass drum 22x16

DW hardware 7000 series

5000 series Hi hat

5000 turbo chain bass drum pedal

Paiste PIatti shot.jpeg

Rides- 602 Modern essential 20,22"

Traditional medium 20"

Signature series Flat 20"

Giant Beat 24"

Hi Hats -602 modern essential 14"

Signature Dark crisp 14"

Traditional Medium 14"

Dark Energy Mark 2 14"

Crash-Formula 602 16"

Dark Energy Mark 2 -16"

Formula 602  paper thin 16"

Signature Mellow crash 16"

Giant Beat 18"

Traditional Thin crash 18" 

Maters extra thin 18"

Traditional  medium 18"

Splash - 602 Modern essential 10"

Signature 10".12"

China- Sound creation Thin China 16"

Gong-Sound creation 20"


Fusion Hickory Acorn Tip

Sweet Ride Hickory 

Splash sticks 

Wire Tap Brushes

Fusion Acorn tip Maple Swizzle

T7 Classical Legato Timpani

T6 General Timpani

T5 Stacatto Timpani


Snare- Ambassador CS dot Batter Ambassador clear snare side 

Toms-Coated Emperor Batter

Clear Ambassador Reso 

Bass drum Clear P3 Batter

Ebony Ambassador Reso ported

External sub Muffl' system


A truely Amazing drum muting system


Etymotic research. ER4XR Balanced armature in ear monitors

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